For Taxi Booking



Oneroad Taxi as a new taxi company in Dubai, we are doing to provide the best service to the customers through our fleets. We have 3 different types of fleet: the Traditional Taxi, New Energy Taxi and the Hybrid Taxi.

80% of the taxi is belonging to the Traditional Taxi and it is used for our different services such as public taxi, special needs taxi.10% of the taxi is belonging to the hybrid Taxi that will be used in the following service; ladies taxi and VIP taxi.While the last 10% is for the new energy and will be used for the hala taxi and the special needs taxi.

On our second year, we expect our Traditional Taxi will be 76% while the New Energy and Hybrid Taxis will reach 2% higher each. Thus, Hybrid and the New Energy cars will reach 12% each. Our prediction on our third year is to buy more Hybrid and New Energy cars to help reduce air pollution in Dubai. Our Traditional car will be 70%, while the New Energy and Hybrid cars will increase and reach 15% each. We are convinced that the changes in this car fleets will help us to be known in Dubai.

The Traditional Taxi is a fuel efficient taxi. These taxis will be used in our public taxi which you commuters can see everywhere, it will also be used in special needs service taxi to make it easier for the PWDs and families to find taxi in any area, and for the airport taxi which makes it convenient for the passengers who just arrive in UAE.

The New Energy Taxi is the taxi which is electric efficient taxi. It will be used for the hala taxi service so that we can estimate if the energy of the taxi is enough to use for the entire trip of the passenger. We will also use it for the special needs taxi for the passenger to have a smooth trip to the passenger’s destination.

The Hybrid Taxi is the fuel efficient taxi with electric engine. This taxi is good to used for the commuter who have long trips or they can request this one. These taxis will be used particularly on these services; the VIP service to make sure that the trip will not be compromise due to lack of fuel and to make sure that the entire trip is very smooth and comfortable. This type of fleet will also be used for the ladies taxi to make the trip safe and fast for all the woman passenger.