For Taxi Booking



Oneroad Taxi APP is a convenient service that will be launched soon. Subverting the traditional taxi booking mode, using the characteristics of the mobile Internet, passengers can achieve one-click in the APP from taxi booking to payment. Change the traditional way of taking taxis and establish an Internet as a tool to lead users to modern travel modes.

After the passengers use the APP to book the taxi, the intelligent system of the APP will quickly complete the regional assessment, smart dispatch, real-time feedback and other technologies from the massive data, Provide the highest priority for passengers and quickly match vehicles to passengers,they can check ordering status directly on the phone

After completing the itinerary, passengers can use mobile payment to directly scan the code to complete the order in one second, complete the transaction process more efficiently and more modernly, and bid farewell to the cash payment era.

Using one-way APP can maximize the customer's taxi experience, save communication costs between passengers and drivers, reduce vehicle vacancy rate, and maximize time savings for customers.

Oneroad Taxi APP will become the guide to lead the way for Dubai users to modern travel.