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Vision & Mission

Company Value

      As a golden intersection of the one Belt and the one Road, Dubai is an important gateway for China to Europe and Africa. Oneroad Taxi company as a Chinese company, based in Dubai, occupying a place in the taxi market industry, not only the economic achievements of both countries, but also the embodiment of China's spirit and strength.
      The introduction of China's advanced intelligent transportation network to Dubai provides smarter and more convenient transportation services for the two peoples. It is the core value of the company provided by Oneroad taxi.

Company Vision

 Oneroad Taxi as the seventh taxi company in Dubai, we are actively implementing the low-energy emission reduction plan issued by the Dubai Roads & Transportation Authority (RTA). It is expected to put 50% of new energy vehicles in the entire project. And using independent research and development APP, breaking the traditional taxi booking model. Comprehensive upgrade of the taxi service, taking passengers as the center and developing towards diversification


      Oneroad taxi company are doing the taxi operation as the core, and taxi online booking will be the brand experience, extending the business field to many industries such as luxury vehicle, international tourism, city express, advertising media, etc. Expand the scope of brand services.

      RTA is the setter and supervisor of the high standards of the transportation industry in the Gulf region. We strictly abide by its rules and regulations and adopt a policy of full integration. We will also follow the other guidelines of the Dubai government to develop relevant industries, Taking Dubai as a starting point and UAE as the fulcrum, it will fully radiate the entire Gulf region.